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A brief history of Earwa? posted 31 August 2005 in The Warrior ProphetA brief history of Earwa? by Mithfânion, Didact

Things that don't fit: Nonmen - which side did they fight on in the First Apocalypse? Did they fight on both sides?

In short, yes.

Scott has explained that the Nonmen fought both for the No-God and against him. They are somewhat ambiguous in this respect unlike Tolkien's Eldar, whom they be might be loosely modelled on.

The Inchoroi's role in the First Apocalypse is unknown. Obviously they were decimated a long time before the Apocalypse, though a few may have survived, now ending with the two princes we have met sofar. Those present would undoubtedly have fought with the Consult.

The position of the Inchoroi within the Consult is something I would really like Scott to shed some light on, as well as who the members of the Consult are (outside of the low ranked Skin spies that we have seen sofar), which is why I have asked both these questions in the Q&A forum.

AS WL says, one would expect them to be high ranked, perhaps even the top members.

What interested me was why the Nonmen (Erratics presumably) deferred to the Inchoroi at the end of TWP. view post


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