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Do you believe a God exists? posted 31 August 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionDo you believe a God exists? by target, Auditor

Fundamentalism is the worst of the lot, and imo one of the scariest religions on the planet, just look at Gibson and his dad. I think Deerow is right on the 'organised' religion point. Fortunately for me, even though i know many Christians, none are too uptight (well one is, he, his family and girlfriend play Bibleopoly - now thats just wrong) which is great cause i dont get the teachings rammed down my throat or criticised for not being a 'good' Christian. Plus, they generally listen to me and as long as i dont attack their religion we can have some good theological debates.

As for the born-again Christian, look no further than our good old friend in the White House. What is currently going on in Iraq etc. is hardly more than what is happening in PoN, buti dont want to associate the words here, hopefully you know what im getting at. Unsurprisingly, Islam has responded with Jihad. Although, to be fair, Jihad was called before the war, and against 'the West' because (surprise, surprise) we dont do things the way they do. I wish everyone could just try ad tollerate each other for a change instead of fighting for dominion and hegemony over others. view post


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