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question about achamian? posted 30 August 2005 in The Warrior Prophetquestion about achamian? by Echoex, Auditor

there is something vaguely "Haruchi" (if I can make that metaphor) about Kelhus, what I mean, I guess, is that he seems sociopathically set in his course

Perhaps, at the beginning. But Kellhus slowly starts to experience human emotion...especially in the second half of WP. He even mourns the death of Serwe as they both hang from the tree in Caraskand. There's a good portion of a chapter dedicated to him mentally 'yelling' at her to wake up. Perhaps the Thousand-fold Thought is a combination of the Logos and emotion -- something the Pragma neglected to teach its monks.

Parallel this to Cnaiur, who slowly begins to feel respect for the Inrithi (specifically Proyas). These characters are truly evolving and I tip my hat to Bakker for the subtleties. view post


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