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Worldhorn & Heron Spear posted 26 August 2005 in Author Q & AWorldhorn & Heron Spear by Mithfânion, Didact


Whilst reading TWP, two ancient artifacts really came to the fore, those being the Heron Spear, which somehow doomed Mog Pharau himself, and the Worldhorn, which was sounded by Nymeric, who you have said was an Anasurimbor King of the Aorsi (a people described as the great bulwark of the North). This raises the following questions:

1. Achamian mentions that the Heron Spear is lost, destroyed even in the sacking of Cenei by the Scylvendi barbarians. Is this a fact, or a belief?

2. What did the Heron Spear look like? Like your average spear, wood with an iron tip?

3. Nymeric sounds the Worldhorn over and over again. What powers does the Worldhorn have, how is it different from other horns and also, what does it look like, compared to other horns?

3. The mention of several Anasurimbors in the past prompts me to ask whether, at the present ( Prince of Nothing timeline), there are more Anasurimbors than the two living ones on the books....

Kellhus doesn't seem to think there are. view post


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