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History posted 22 April 2004 in Writing TipsHistory by Replay, Auditor

I think it is something that needs to be done over time, as it is very hard to just sit down and create a history from scratch.

The first thing i did was to look at the history of a country in our world, and see if there is anything that i could use (after chaging it a bit). After that i just payed attention to things i saw on tv/read online and thought about how these littles bits of info would help flesh out the history of my world (again after changing) e.g. you watch a modern drama and wonder if it would work in a historical setting, and if does, you can use it as part of your history.

Another good way of fleshing out the history is to create a couple of well known writers and painters like shakesphere or picasso in our world. You can then reference to their works in your story, and its even possible to let their works be of historical importance e.g. a painting of one nation surrendering to another. Robert Jordan does this well in his WOT books. view post


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