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What is your favorite sport? posted 17 August 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionWhat is your favorite sport? by Deerow, Auditor

target: yes, judges/refs etc. have an impact on the game and even an influence over who wins and loses...but ultimately it is decided between the people on the field/surface/whatever. In figure skating there is always controversy over a judge giving someone a higher score or lower score for whatever reason (ie bribes, their own country, etc.). That has a 100% direct impact on the result because no matter how good the people perform the judge can still say "no, I didn't like it."

Take hockey for example. In the Women's Olympic final a ways back it was the USA and Canada for the gold and the referee was CLEARLY biased in favor of the Americans. Handing out penalties right, left, and, believe it or not, centre. Did the referee get to arbitrarily decide the outcome of the game? No. The Canadians won despite the bias. That is what makes it a sport IMO. The fact that despite external forces the players themselves are the ones responsible for the outcome of the game.

Just so you know the only reason this came up is I have a friend who does trampoline and calls her kids she coaches "athletes" and we made fun of her and told her it wasn't a sport. It evolved from there and now I actually half believe it. view post


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