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question about achamian? posted 29 July 2005 in The Warrior Prophetquestion about achamian? by Lucimay, Subdidact

I'm only halfway thru Warrior Prophet right now so you may be making references to scenes I haven't read yet but here's where my thinking is going...

there is something vaguely "Haruchi" (if I can make that metaphor) about Kelhus, what I mean, I guess, is that he seems sociopathically set in his course (whatever THAT is!!)...way more so than Cnaiur( whose passion seems to be Kelhus' polar opposite) and I'm fairly certain that he's not gunning for daddy. it's just what he has used to ensnare Cnaiur because he knows that's what Cnaiur is about. he's always concerned with how much power Moenghus has acquired during his 30 years "in the world." and that makes me think there might be some kind of father/son showdown in the next book which may result in Moenghus' death, but I think there are things Kelhus will want to get from Moenghus before that happens.

regarding seems to me that the longer Kelhus is engaged with someone (Cnaiur, Serwe, etc) on a one-on-one basis, the closer his "reading" of them borders on telepathy, it's like he's boring a hole through their skulls into their conciousness which eventually leads to communication.
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