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Crusader posted 26 July 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionCrusader by Lucimay, Subdidact

what time is it there?

sorry, i mean that i'm at a community college. City College of San Francisco. it's a college designed to give people like me (adult and impoverised) a way to play catch up with academics or for younger individuals to get trade type degrees (which only take 2 ys as opposed to a 4 yr bachelors degree) a lot of people use it to get their general requirement out of the way before transferring to a 4 year university that will be more expensive!! it's only 26 bucks a credit unit (of which most courses are 3 credit unit courses) which is a lot more affordable than any 4 year university in california.

it's a great school, tho'. i've had inspiring history teachers, if you couldn't tell! view post


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