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Now Reading... posted 26 July 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by Lucimay, Subdidact

just at the end of Darkness That Comes Before, then on to Warrior Prophet.

prior to PoN:

Slow River Griffith
King Rat Mieville
Pattern Recognition Gibson
All the Flowers Are Dying Block
all the Outlander series (for the fifth time) Gabaldon
Left Hand of Darkness (for the third time) Leguin
The Telling (for the 2nd time) Leguin
Gunslinger and Drawing of the Three (for the 4th time) King (i didn't feel like continuing on to Blain the Pain!)
The Forgotten Man Crais

yes...i'm going through the stuff I own since my mate has just about had it with my ability to spend money on books!!!! hahahahahaha!
got both darkness and warrior prophet (which i HAD NOT read before!) for free by purging some crap from my shelves and trading at Green Apple Books! view post


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