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The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant (first series) posted 26 July 2005 in Literature DiscussionThe Chronicles of Thomas Covenant (first series) by Lucimay, Subdidact

Linden. thank you. i hate the way everybody always says LindenAvery. typesetter should have just omitted that space, huh. Linden Avery. sounds like a friggin tree. is it a tree? see how she still bugs me!

well you can't help liking the guy, can you. poor schmuck! and there is the all important reDEMPtion in there, isn't there. so, when all's read and done, Covenant actually does stand up. it has legs. we're still talking about it, after all, and the first book was published when?

I think fantasy should be a much darker place than it is.

for darkest dark i read hard-boiled detective fiction. i suggest Motherless Brooklyn by jonathan lethem or Gun, With Occasional Music. He also has a great short story collection with a couple of dark pieces in the "speculative fiction" vein. speculative is a good word.
or the older guys, Camus, Jim Thompson, David Goodis.
for good dark non-fiction i would highly suggest James Ellroy's My Dark Places. let me assure you when he says "dark", the man means DARK.
i was amazed at this revelatory piece of work!!! really.

don't get me talkin about this. it'll be a silly "have you read" contest!!!
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