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Your less favourite characters posted 22 July 2005 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeYour less favourite characters by Izzarre, Commoner

Istriya is a bish. I also dislike Esmi for being such a damn whore. But they're both great chars. I love the emperor; take him off the list! <!-- s:!: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_exclaim.gif" alt=":!:" title="Exclamation" /><!-- s:!: -->

I've always prefered large casts of twisted characters, which is exactly one of the reasons I like Bakker so much, so I don't really dislike reading about these people. I'm quite evil myself. That said, I suppose I do dislike reading about the more religiously pious/zealous characters - but only a little less. I still find religion freaks amusing. view post


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