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Deleuze and Guattari? posted 11 July 2005 in Author Q & ADeleuze and Guattari? by Ryo, Commoner

Thanks! And I'm quite looking forward to TTT. One of the first questions my advisor asked when we were initially discussing this project was whether it would be a problem that was basically working with an unfinished trilogy. I'll be defending at the end of August, which means that the grand finale will unfortunately not arrive it time, but I think I've got enough from the first two. More than enough, actually. Besides, he sort of gave me a wink and assured me that the benefit of working with such new material is the promise that few people if any have tackled it yet. Most people don't even realize that there is a tradition of epic fantasy in Canada, so I feel like I'm blazing a trail through new terrain.

Anyway, when I get a list of questions together, I'll post them. It'll take a good week at least, because I'm working with my secondary sources right now, and these will definately inform my questions. Thanks again for your interest - this will be exciting!

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