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The importance of being Kellhus posted 09 July 2005 in Author Q & AThe importance of being Kellhus by cyruskhan, Commoner

Quote: "Entropic_existence":2dqpdiks
...he is the product of 3000 years of breeding and philosophical study that places the Dunyain above other men.[/quote:2dqpdiks]

I find it interesting that most of the people on the boards agree with you on this. You just happen to be the one to express it most succinctly.

It's curious to me that so many people here think of Kelhus as "more than human." Of course, many characters in the books believe this. But then- they aren't blessed the way we are. They don't see into Kellhus's head.

The Dunyain are a group of people who have spent 3000 years focusing on intellect and reflexes. I won't try to go too far into philosophy on boards owned by someone getting his Ph D in the field (i'm just an undergrad), but basically: It has been said that the thing that defines man is his ability to reason. If this is true, then the Dunyain are definitely the epitome of Mankind. Nothing else exists for them. Even morality.

On the other hand, if you disagree with those crazy ancient greeks, and you think that it's more than reason that makes us human- it's painting, it's sculpting, it's dancing, it's writing, then maybe the Dunyain aren't so superhuman after all. In fact, all things considered, maybe they are, at best, a tolerable species of subhuman.
If you view humanity as a collection of different things- Emotions, intellect, conscience, iniquity; then the Dunyain only take up the torch of ONE of these aspects.

After all, if they have any art at all, it cannot contain any emotion. It would be simply be a mimicry of human emotion, made by one of the Awake to influence the Sleeping. They don't love. They don't have moral dilemmas. They are half-men.

Does this make sense to anyone? I wrote this kinda on the spot, it'd be better if i would've put more work into the argument.

P.S. I mean, jesus, haven't any of you seen Equilibrium? view post


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