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Excellent pointers to promote TTT posted 07 July 2005 in Author Q & AExcellent pointers to promote TTT by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

Interesting... I've signed numerous books for Canadian distributors, and quite a few 'bookplates' (which are just stickers they affix to the books after getting me to sign them) for others, so it's entirely possible, I suppose.

Otherwise, here's the catalogue copy for TTT, as promised:


Only Shimeh remains.

The Padirajah has been slain, and the heathen Fanim have fled in disarray. One final march will bring the Holy War to the City of the Latter Prophet. But so very much has changed...

Using godlike insight and ruthless deceit, Anasûrimbor Kellhus has conquered the hearts of all, including the harlot Esmenet, who now shares his bed. Only the barbarian, Cnaiür, and the sorcerer, Achamian, continue to hazard doubts. But where Cnaiür topples ever deeper into madness and wanton violence, Achamian is compelled to yield the secrets of the Gnosis. Not only must he protect the man who stole his wife, he must teach the most powerful sorcery known to the greatest intellect to ever walk the earth. And he fears what might happen...

The final reckoning is at hand. Faceless assassin will strike in the dead of night. Kings and Emperors will fall. The sorcerous Schools will be unleashed. And Anasûrimbor Kellhus will at last confront his father and the dread revelation of the Thousandfold Thought.

I like this, but I think I would prefer something less formulaic for the actual cover copy. As always, all crits are welcome. view post


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