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AMERICAN POLITICS... posted 07 July 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionAMERICAN POLITICS... by Harrol, Moderator

Will, You are right I did not make a clear point about us not being apart of a global government. In a way I did address it by saying we need to stay out of other countries militarily. We as Americans need to as I stated before have open friendship with all and free trade. No America should not be the overlords of the world. To me that goes for any country or group of countries. I do not want to see a global government because I feel that as the common man we will lose a lot of our direct representation from our leaders. One example and then I will stop and wait for feed back. That example is who are all the active members of the Security Council. i do not mean the countries. I mean the names of the individual people. I did not vote for a one of them. That makes me think that there is an accountability gap. That is one of my main concerns about a global governing body. view post


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