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The Destruction of the Dunyain posted 06 July 2005 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Destruction of the Dunyain by Hackhius, Commoner

Has anyone considered that the whole reason Moenghus summoned Kellhus in the first place was to bridge the gap between the Dunyain and the ways of the few.

Now that Moe is a ranking Cisharum, and Kellhus is on the cusp of learning the secrets of the Gnosis, the Dunyain could be very well armed if these two spread this knowledge throught their people. Furthermore, we have yet to see what one of the conditioned can do with sorcery. We see what they can accomplish on the plain of world-born men (i.e. mind-manipulation, easily thwarting assasination attempts, etc.). When given the knowledge of sorcery, they could very well become the most powerful faction in all the Three Seas. view post


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