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Parallels between Inri Sejenus and Jesus Christ posted 04 Jul 2005, 11:07 by Echoex, Auditor

I've asked this question in another string, but thought I'd pose it to the one person who could answer it. I appreciate your indulgence. There are a couple of irrevocable parallels between Inri Sejenus and Jesus Christ: 1) INRI is the traditional inscription on the top of the crucifix. The acronym translates to "Jesus of Nazereth, King of the Jews". 2) Sejenus can be rearranged to read "Jesus" (with the letters EN remaining). 3) Both are prophets. 4) Both spawned their own religions (or had religions spawned on their behalf, depending on your viewpoint). There are myriad other examples I could probably find if I wasn't sitting in my office cube 'working'... Am I grasping here? view post


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