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Local Writing Groups posted 01 July 2005 in Author Q & ALocal Writing Groups by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

I'm not sure how I would describe my style, understood in the narrow, more technical sense. I'm a 'dense' writer, I know that (in both senses of the word!).

More generally I see myself as part of a larger movement which is in the process of reconnecting popular culture to 'art.' I don't think I'm 'special' in this regard, though I do feel as though I've created something special with these books. They've felt 'bigger than me' for quite some time now.

The key for me is to make the literary answer to the generic, rather than vice versa. The way I see it, there's at least two ways to challenge readers: you can confound their expectations, or you can expand them. I'm trying hard to stay in the latter camp. view post


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