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The importance of being Kellhus posted 01 July 2005 in Author Q & AThe importance of being Kellhus by saintjon, Auditor

Ah you tease!!! LOL

Seriously I'm going to read that book in a week when it comes out.

Anyways, I find Kellhus interesting as hell to read but, I dunno I used to say I don't like him (actually I'm kind of frightened by him). The story thus far sees to be bearing out my initial feeling that the his conditioning won't last in the real world as well as he might have expected. Well even in the prologue really you get a foretaste when he encounters magic for the first time.

I think the big thing about Kellhus being an intelligent character is that he's actually very convincingly intelligent. Like so many authors will tell you how smart a character is and then they go and do a bunch of stupid things. Well for instance I just started Wizard's First Rule and what's ol' TG have to do but proclaim almost in caps even about how INTELLIGENT Richard finds Kahlan, then they proceed through several chapters of stupid decisions and I'm rolling my eyes. Kellhus consistently outthinks the world in general and his braininess becomes indisputable.

I love the constant sparring (well I shouldn't say that because they're playing for keeps) between Cnaiur and Kellhus. I'd say Cnaiur is probably the second cagiest character IMO, actually I think his life would be easier if he weren't so smart. Akka I see as being more wise (but really he does have his folllies too)

I find that interesting that you feel kellhus is beyond even you now Scott, like in terms of saying what he's all about. I dunno it seemed like he was starting to slip a bit throughout TWP, I'm hoping the next one will show him in some serious turmoil. view post


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