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Holy war: the ultimate blasphemy posted 24 June 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionHoly war: the ultimate blasphemy by Harrol, Moderator

Brad, I see where you come from on people stating that God does not sanction killing. I do not believe that I stated any such thing. If I did it was in error and I apologize. My point is this. Most people who have declared a holy war or jihad heard only from their own booket book or their own hate not God. I realize that you do not believe in a Christian God. No problem I do not wish to argue the point with you. Hopefully it does not appear that I am. Yet I must add that not every war spoken of in the Bible was a direct order of God. In other words those that did it did not go to war for God's sake. Therefore they committed a self-intersted act and did not do the will of God. Just to make it clear not every war fought by Isreal or Judah was holy. Certainly the wars fought by the Syrians, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians or the Greeks. Yes God used them for His own purpose, but they were not holy. Sorry for going on and on. This is my personal belief and it is not stated to push anyone or to offend. If I have offended I am sorry but know it is not on purpose. view post


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