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The New Promisekeepers posted 22 June 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionThe New Promisekeepers by SymeonHaecceity, Peralogue

I have decided to start my own grassroots Promisekeepers for Men of the Tusk. If you make the following Seven Promises you can join to!

1) I promise to donate %75 of my income to the Three Seas Forum moderators

2) I promise to grow a moustache (sorry - but no girls allowed!)

3) I promise to kill Fanim on sight.

4) I promise not to have any impure thoughts while butchering infidels and throwing rocks at prostitutes after I had sex with them

5) I promise to turn off my cell-phone while the priest is droning on "Sejenus this... Sejenus that..." in church

6) I promise to always where my "what would Sejenus do" bracelet.

7) I promise to wake people up at 5am on Sunday to give them Inrithi pamphlets and ask them if they have accepted the words of the Prophet. If they haven't I will throw rocks at them.

Promisekeeper FAQ's

"What if I can't grow a moustache?"

We will sell you one for $99.95. Don't use any other one for God will know and punish you.

"What if my wife objects?"

That will be covered in our seminar "Interpersonal Relationships Between a Husband and Wife or Shut Your Mouth Woman and Make Me Dinner!"

"What will the moderators do with the money?"

None of your business.

"I have some good friends who are Fanim, must I kill them?"

Yes! view post


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