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posted 21 Jun 2005, 16:06 by Nauticus, Auditor

Well, when Achamian draws that line, he only knows what [i:fi61xl4y]he's[/i:fi61xl4y] learnt. All he knows is that Skeaos (can't seem to spell this morning...) was the closest advisor to the Emperor. At this point, Achamian doesn't know if the Consult has influenced the Nasur Empire in any way, but there is an obvious link between them, so he drew that line. The line doesn't mean the Consult and the Empire are allies, and it doesn't mean the Consult has influenced the Empire all that much. [i:fi61xl4y]But[/i:fi61xl4y] Skeaos was a skin-spy, and a close aid to the Emperor, so there [i:fi61xl4y]is[/i:fi61xl4y] a link. We - and Achamian - just don't know what it is yet. view post


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