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What science-fiction and/or fantasy series do you prefer? posted 21 June 2005 in Literature DiscussionWhat science-fiction and/or fantasy series do you prefer? by Randal, Auditor

Out of these?

Sadly enough, I end up with the Hitchhikers guide. Oh, don't get me wrong. It's a great book, especially the first few are very funny. But I really don't care about it all that much...

Problem is, I never read Vance's or LeGuin's series... pretty hard to find, in the Netherlands at least. Those might be better from what I've heard.

Never read Constantine, Hamilton, Asimov or Moorcock either. Same reason. Except Asimov, whose writing I can't stomach.

Williams was good enough, but the series dragged. It devolved into too many meaningless sideplots. And how many times can main characters get kidnapped/seperated?

Bradley's avalon was... well, enjoyable, despite all the weird new-age mysticism and proto-feminism. Never bothered with the books after Mists, though.

Leiber was a fun yarn, but it isn't my thing. Sword and sorcery doesn't really interest me, even if this particular version was well done.

So, that leaves Adams. But I should note again that I do not rate his series anywhere near my favourites. view post


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