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Ong Bak Absolutely rules! posted 18 June 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionOng Bak Absolutely rules! by SymeonHaecceity, Peralogue

Quote: "Nauticus":3konznow
Quote: "Faelcind Il Danach":3konznow
nauticus I am lifelong martial artist myself so I appreciate the realitis of fighting vs. onscreen perfromance but suggest martial artist won't get particular kick out of this movie is rather ludicrous. The vast majority of martial artist admire guys like bruce lee and Jackie chan despite knowing what the do onscreen wouldn't translate in real fight.[/quote:3konznow]
To each his own, I guess. Most people I train with have little respect for Lee and Chan, and so forth, for exploiting their self-defense training to make money. Of course, we can just as easily hate Capitalism for that, but thats beside the point.

I don't disrespect either of them, but I'm a fan of realistic movies. So, when they have unrealistic fight scenes, it annoys me.[/quote:3konznow]

Bruce Lee was, at least, a real martial artist. He would no doubt have practiced daily, whether he was a movie star or not. When I studied karate, ages ago, my sensei once put on "Enter the Dragon" and would replay certain moves, over and over again, to show us how it was done. In particular, the side kick he used to take out O'Hara when he came at him with a bottle is fantastic.

There are certainly varying degrees of realistic. "Raging Bull" is realistic. When De Niro (Jake) beats the crap out of Pesci (Joey) it's pretty damn realistic.

Jackie Chan is great - while there are no doubt "better" martial artists, how many have his comedic timing and sense? I think he's nearly a modern Chaplin.

As for Bruce, well he couldn't act - but let's face it, you watch Fred Astaire for the dancing, not the acting. You watch Bruce for the ass kicking - not the finely honed acting.

If he made millions doing what he did best and entertained millilons more, good for him! Martial Artists might complain about Bruce "selling out", whatever that hoary phrase means, but without him how many martial art's schools would be variety stores in plazas? view post


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