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Orson Scott Card and Homosexual Marriage posted 17 June 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionOrson Scott Card and Homosexual Marriage by azdahak, Candidate

Quote: "Kidruhil Lancer":lhx3856f

I'm curious about your statement having to do with gay animals. The transgender one about animal's is valid because there are species that can switch their genders... (frogs, I think..).. but saying that gay animal's exhist in the wild is... a stretch. For one thing, instinct is a powerful thing in the animal kingdom. And for another thing... ( and I'm sure this will have people wanting to lynch me )... I think there is a neccessary level of intelligence needed for such a thing. Animal's are just animal's. They only know instinct and their instincts wouldn't tell them to try breeding with another creature of the same gender..[/quote:lhx3856f]
Homosexuality in animals is actually quite common as [url=]this[/url:lhx3856f] National Geographic article shows. When homosexuality is so prevalent in nature, I would deem it "natural" and certainly not a "crime against nature"
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