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Your favourite character? posted 16 June 2005 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeYour favourite character? by Randal, Auditor

There are two questions in there. So there's got to be two answers.

Firstly, the poll question: who do you identify with. That's Akka. He's one of the few truly human and likable characters in the books. On of the few you can (or I can) indeed identify with.

But the question in the topic, "who is your favourite character", gets a different answer.

A favourite character is one I love to read about. An interesting character, and sorry Akka, you're a nice guy, but not that interesting compared to the people around you.

The obvious answer to this answer would be Kellhus, who is one of the most interesting characters ever seen in fantasy literature. (and probably mainstream literature as well.)

But in the end, I'd answer Conphas, because whilst perhaps not quite as interesting, he's more fun to read about.

Oh, and I think the poll is lacking in choices. Where is our favourite bloodthirsty savage barbarian, for one? view post


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