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Conspiration theory posted 15 June 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionConspiration theory by Harrol, Moderator

To answer your post, yes. I do not think that they are occultic in nature. There is one organization in particular named the C.F.R. which stand for the council on foriegn relations. It appears to be the political front in America for the Builderberger society. In fact both President Bush and John Kerry are members of the C.F.R. The C.F.R is the group that wanted the war in Iraq and that is why politians in both parties supported the war. That includes Bush and Kerry. Sorry to all those out there that thought Kerry would have brought meaningful change, because he wouldn't have. So here's my conspiracy and world domination beliefs for now. Sorry for the misspellings and the long post. Do not worry there is more to come. view post


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