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Achamian vs. Kellhus: faith vs. certainty posted 14 June 2005 in The Warrior ProphetAchamian vs. Kellhus: faith vs. certainty by azdahak, Candidate

I would say that the difference between Akka and Kellhus isn't fath vs certainty, but scepicism vs certainty. Achamian has a true sceptical mindset and questions almost everything. Kellhus has the certainty of the fanatic, not that he believes in the "cause", but an utter faith in his own abilities. As one sees at the end of this book it backfires, although he wins his life and position back and doesn't seem to have learnt anything from the experience (at least not yet). After reading it again I get the feeling that the key is gonna be Achamians scepticism noot Kellhus' "certainty" or perhaps "hubris".
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