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High Ainon posted 14 Jun 2005, 04:06 by Esmi, Candidate

While once again reading one of my favourite scenes in TDTCB; the part when Eleazaras confronts Achamian in the middle of the Holy War; what struck me from the subsequent scene was the mention of [i:p8bby4r2]chanv [/i:p8bby4r2]an addictive drug that extends life etc. What bothered me was the fact that not only were most of the Ainoni nobles were addicted to it, but that no one knows its source. I for one cannot ignore these things in stories, there must be a reason why it is even spoken of in the books other than a reason why Iyokus's skin is translucent. If anyone has any ideas about chanv, its source or the implications it could have if the mysterious "supplier" was to blackmail the Ainoni by withholding it please feel free to share your thoughts. :) view post


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