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Bakker Biography Material Unearthed! posted 12 June 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionBakker Biography Material Unearthed! by Quinthane, Candidate

Quote: "Deerow":jcltvqks
lol that was awesome[/quote:jcltvqks]

I appreciate it, Deerow

To be perfectly honest, I've had a pretty strong case of Posting Performance Anxiety about it. It grew in the telling and the audience in my head just loved every thing that got trotted out on stage. Now it's tomorrow and the audience in my head are all watching TiVO and the bit's gone public. It seems my computer's sound system isn't good enough to hear the reactions of those who read it.

I''ve come to know PPA fairly well and if anyone here also suffers from it, know that you're not alone. And you can rest assured that whatever you come up with that strikes you as brilliant and worthy of a mile-long praise thread will sit all alone with nothing but the 0 Replies marker to keep it company.

Then some mindless drivel you slapped up there while tanked (and the next day forgot you even wrote) will give birth to a litter of grinning, laughing emoticons. Or maybe even the coveted ROTF LMAO.

The Absolute is way far away despite drinking many Absolut tonics.

Meanwhile, have at. view post


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