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More about Erikson books... posted 11 June 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionMore about Erikson books... by Folken Fanel, Commoner

Quote: "Kidruhil Lancer":8lkzjjkc
Well, I'm not saying that Erikson is a bad writer, nor that his series isn't good. To the contrary, the more I read of Midnight Tides, the more I like it, and I truly can't wait til the other two books arrive in the mail. (Curse the US Mail!!!)

But frankly, I think that, for two authors who started writing in the same melding pot of role-playing, I think that Scott has more successfully drawn away from alot of the habits that role-players get into.

Namely, short choppy sentances without pronouns to begin them. Not that this fully encompasses the way that Erikson writes.. but he seems to use these idioms of role-play alot more than does Mr. Bakker.[/quote:8lkzjjkc]

It was actually more like 8years.
But I will say, I really enjoy Bakker's writing style. After reading Erikson 1-5 on the trot, Bakker was a good escape. Yet I still think Erikson is better in many aspects such as world building. Where as in terms of character equal, philosophy Bakker is better view post


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