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Scylvendi magi? posted 11 Jun 2005, 03:06 by Twayleph, Auditor

Hello Scott, I was just re-reading about the battle of Kiyuth when I wondered, do Scylvendi have their own sorcerers ? CnaiĆ¼r refers to sorcery as unholy (as he does many outlander customs, be they Inirithi or Fanim). Is this opinion of sorcery generalized among the Scylvendi and they just kept exterminating the Few among them until they were all gone ? If so, would you care to elaborate why they hold sorcery to be unholy ? After all, I highly doubt they'd quote the Tusk to answer that question! Or maybe they do have their own magic ? At the beginning of the novel, Leweth refers to "witches, whose urgings could harness the wild agencies in earth, animal and tree" ; could he be referring to the Scylvendi memorialists and the Scylvendi veneration of the Steppe ? In any case, thanks for taking the time to answer. I can't stress how much curiosity and interest I have in this crazy, crazy world you've created :) view post


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