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Advice that works for incredibly successful authors! posted 11 June 2005 in Author Q & AAdvice that works for incredibly successful authors! by Super Frog, Candidate

Quote: "Tol h'Eddes":259zyh7w

Something like this?
Oh and the evil figure is symbolized by the eyes in the shadow ![/quote:259zyh7w]

That was hilariously awesome; I had no idea that existed. Actually, it may even be better than my idea (look where the sword is placed).
Quote: "diarmuid":259zyh7w

the hero needs a sidekick...preferablly a talking monkey named Goober but i don't want to curb your artistic expression too much, so... [/quote:259zyh7w]

I think the new and improved Cnauir will fill that role nicely. view post


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