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Chorae issues posted 09 June 2005 in Author Q & AChorae issues by AleoMagus, Commoner

Chorae are made based on Aporotic cants which is why they nullify gnostic and anagogic sorcery

but again, nullify how?

if they nullify only sorcery that would immediately affect the wearer, then it's really pretty easy to just affect the world around a wearer in such a way as to harm, or otherwise affect him...

but on the other hand, if they nullify any chain of events which would ultimately affect a chorae wearer, then it's a slippery slope to sorcery being altogether impossible so long as anyone has a chorae anywhere. At very least, it's easy to see how a chorae wearer could protect huge numbers of people just by somehow linking his fate to theirs.

also, we have other secondary effects of sorcery that MUST affect chorae wearers, such as created light, or sound. What if this light is blinding, or this sound is deafening?


Truth be told, I really like the idea that sorcerers can still affect chorae wearers by starting a chain of events, because I don't like the idea of chorae wearers being TOTALLY immune to sorcery. That said though, It's hard to see how this can make sense because if sorcerers can still start a chain of events to hurt wearers, chorae are basically useless. Also, it's hard imagine how sorcery is anything but a chain of events in the first place. After all, if I create a huge fireball, technically I'm not directly affecting anyone. I'm just creating lots of heat and, and that in turn accelerates molecules of air, which bump up against molecules of clothing which get really hot also and start on fire, etc...

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