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posted 31 Mar 2004, 22:03 by Euron, Commoner

Thanks for the replies. Interesting stuff. Thinking about the prologue, I reckon it definitely works as an illustration of how Kellhus learns to apply his skills to men of the outside world. And, of course, a lot of time passes before we see him again, during which he crosses half a continent and gathers a massive band of followers. So this would certainly give him loads of experience of handling men of the world. I wonder how much of his ability to dominate others would rely on understanding universal human emotions and their signals, and how much would rely on the context? Quite often Kellhus seems to manipulate others by knowing what it is they most desire. And I suppose this would require him to understand at least something of the culture he is working in (which will obviously change as he travels to different lands). I think this is portrayed consistently in the book, as Kellhus certainly observes and learns about cultures as he goes, and he admits that Cnaiur is still useful to him as he knows more of the world etc. view post


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