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Orson Scott Card and Homosexual Marriage posted 03 June 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionOrson Scott Card and Homosexual Marriage by Kidruhil Lancer, Auditor

See, you fall into the category of people who've misunderstood.

The random collection of laws you just mentioned, most of them from Paul's letter's to the churches of old europe, are 1) Solutions to problems those specific churches were having, 2) His personal opinions on the matter as a man of God, and 3) outdated.

Now, you may think that this is proving your point about us picking a choosing our laws... But christian's are supposed to follow the Ten Commandments strictly. I can't say anything for divorce, although the Bible does outline when it's okay for a married couple to separate... I believe that divorce is wrong, because if you've screwed up and married the wrong person then that's your problem not the state's. As far as sex before marriage, that is a sin, and I'm sure there are an abundance of ways you can deal with that. But the fact remains that our religion is built on forgiveness, not on harsh punishment.

And as for slaughtering all the Cannanites... Alot of things happened before Grace. And if you don't know what grace is, I recommend Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John. All very good books. view post


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