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More about Erikson books... posted 03 June 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionMore about Erikson books... by Alric, Auditor

I'll certainly post a reply as soon as I get through Night of Knives, which is currently only available through PS Publishing, the British company that put out the limited release, and through speciality stores like Clarkesworld.

As the others have summed up, and the interview goes a long way in explaining, Esslemont and Erikson came up with the world and many of the characters together. Erikson put in a lot of work to finally get GotM published and get picked up by a major label. Esslemont's live went in other directions, moving around the world. Apparantly, Night of Knives was written sometime after GotM but before Deadhouse Gates. Esslemont is only now getting it published.

If things work out, there are 5 full novels planned by Esslemont, based on how he and Erikson originally split up the world and the characters.

You should definitely check out the interview. view post


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