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More about Erikson books... posted 03 June 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionMore about Erikson books... by Murrin, Peralogue

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Steve and I originally wrote Gardens as a full-length motion picture
screenplay. He and I pitched it and other screenplays but none made it
into development. Over the years Steve became fed up and asked if he
could just go ahead and novelize Gardens. I said: go for it! He finished
the novel and showed it around. It caught some interest in England and
Steve and I were thrilled. But there was a problem: this “shared world”
thing. Apparently, and this dumbfounded me, the fantasy publishers, the
agents, no one knew what to do with this “shared world” idea. They
couldn’t get their heads around it (still can’t frankly). That both
Steve and I did, could, and would continue to write in the world made
publishers uneasy – too “messy” or uncertain (God knows what they
thought). In any case, since even getting anything into print is so
unsure in fantasy, Steve and I agreed not to push the “shared” aspect
publicly until (fait accompli) the world became real and couldn’t just
be wished away by the industry.
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