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This time I got a question... posted 02 June 2005 in Author Q & AThis time I got a question... by SymeonHaecceity, Peralogue

Quote: "Cu'jara Cinmoi":1ifxh68g
Just found out that - once again - ALL the major genre publishers passed on the mass-market paperback rights to The Darkness that Comes Before.

Since we have so many big brains on this board, I thought I would field this question: What can a guy do to drum up some attention in the US?

Maybe I should become a Dunyain spam master or something...[/quote:1ifxh68g]

We could make up some fake "Oprah" book club stickers and put them on the books and place them in the Oprah section!

Watch them FLY off the shelf!

After the fraud is exposed, no doubt The Oprah will invite Scott Bakker onto his show.

Sweet Sejenus, sometimes I am so damn devious I scare myself!!! view post


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