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Language posted 02 June 2005 in Writing TipsLanguage by SymeonHaecceity, Peralogue

Quote: "Kidruhil Lancer":16uqxcie
I'd have to say that my biggest struggle as a writer is what to do about language. In a purely made-up world, how can you mention names of places/groups/peoples without coming up with a complete language? Or even multiple languages? I can easily create a myriad of names with their own unique sounds, but the difficulty for me comes when I have to rationalize them. ( Why is this city called such-and-such? Which part of its name means this or that..? )

So my question is, as a writer whose language skills are seriously lacking in the creative department, should I just wing it and be consistant? Or should I simply make statements such as "they spoke the such-and-such tongue", and let the reader assume?[/quote:16uqxcie]

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