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A question about the Prologue posted 01 June 2005 in Writing TipsA question about the Prologue by Deerow, Auditor

Well I know with TDtCB I was looking forward to Kellhus appearing again. Every time there was a character who was walking out of the shadows I was thinking "Is it Kellhus?" In that way I found it to be acceptable because I liked Kellhus as a character from the get go and wanted to see him return to action again.

Furthermore it felt more like a prologue as it set up a character that didn't return until much later (thus the reader could connect with that character instantly as opposed to having to get to know a whole new character). Whereas a prologue that discussed Achamian and then just moved on the chapter one and centered around him wouldn't have been as intriguing (IMO).

Essentially I don't think it really matters, the object of the prologue is simply to introduce the reader to your world and give some background on the goings-on. Whether you introduce your main character right away or introduce a character who will be absent for a period of time (probably more than half the book in the case of Kellhus) the main purpose is to grip the reader and have them stick with the novel no matter how long it takes to see the characters introduced. view post


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