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A question about the Prologue posted 01 June 2005 in Writing TipsA question about the Prologue by Kidruhil Lancer, Auditor

Obviously there are certain elements that have to be present in the prologue. It has to be engaging enough to grab the reader.. ( or the publisher! ).. it has to introduce the reader to your world.. and give the at least a reasonable perception of what's going on.

Now my question is...

Is it okay to have an interesting, engaging character in the prologue that appears rarely, if ever again? Or would it frustrate the reader to get interested in a character only to be pushed on to another? I know there's a fine like to walk. For instance, in TDtCB, Kellhus appears in the prologue, but then isn't around again for quite a ways into the book. I can remember being somewhat miffed, but only until I started paying attention to what was happening.

So, is it reasonable to assume that the reader will forgive the slight if the real main characters are just as interesting and engaging?

Or should I try and make the prologue about one of the characters appearing later? Or should I just not worry so much? view post


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