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Feast for Crows due this Summer posted 29 May 2005 in Literature DiscussionFeast for Crows due this Summer by gyrehead, Candidate

I think Parris may have to break out another finger. Feast was added to bridge the five year gap originally right? Because Martin had started writing ADWD and found that it was too hard to give enough explanation of th events of the five years in hindsight and reviewing narrative.

Yet he also said in the midst of writing Feast that it was not coming close to taking up more than a few months of those five years.

So with the Dany and Jon segments in ADWD, does that mean that the stuff he originaly started to write about taking place after the five year leap will be pushed to the next book after ADWD? Because it would be odd to have a book that has the first half going back over the same timeframe as AFFC and then jumping ahead five years.

I think Martin hemmed himself into a corner his pride would not let himself back out of. He stated in Boston it would definitely be out in 2005. Unequivocally. Considering his fanbase and the fact it is a fourth book in the series, I am not sure that I buy the whole "it was too big" Yes publishers shy away from big books. But in part they do so as they love turning one book into two for basically the same contract price. Its not like Martin's fanbase is going to turn away because the book is 950 pages as opposed 700.

Plus there is the advantage of the publisher turning the hardcover into two paperbacks. Which could wel happen anyway I guess.

But I think when determining shelf space for the series, leave room for eight books. Not seven.

What I really am not looking forward to is the huge amount of attention and despair that ADWD will generate as the fans wait and wait and wait for that book. Because Martin won't be doing much writing of it between now the release of AFFC, if at all. In fact he could go through the whole year without getting much done. And considering that he has had a 100 or so pages to finish on AFFC (until the split decision) for quite some time, I wonder if ADWD will be out by first half of 2008? view post


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