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Celmomian Prophesy, Seswatha Dreams, and the "Present" posted 11 February 2010 in The Judging EyeCelmomian Prophesy, Seswatha Dreams, and the "Present" by Nerdanel, Peralogue

My theory is that the dreams about Seswatha's mundane life are FAKE and sent through sorcery from the present in order to send Achamian to Ishuäl without making him suspicious. I think the dreams were sent by Mekeritrig (a.k.a. Cleric) who remembered enough of the time of Seswatha to create an illusion of history good enough to fool Achamian and who had been in his long life at the location of Achamian's tower. Perhaps he even killed its original inhabitants.

Remember that Cleric was the one to introduce the Sohonc Coffers to the Skin Eaters. That particular "idle conversation" turned out to be crucial for getting the Skin Eaters go on such a dangerous quest. As it was, half of them declined even despite the rumored treasure.

As for Mimara, she was sent by Kelmomas at the behest of his secret voice. I think Cleric isn't the voice, but working together with it. I think the voice is the No-God's and Cleric serves him. I think the No-God, being the more powerful demon god, intervened at the end to free Cleric from Hell.

And yes, I think Cleric did stop during the fighting when he was "lost" in the tunnels to send a dream to the unconscious Achamian. Plausible deniability! Achamian had already seen him crouching over him when he had one of his Ishuäl dreams. If that had happened again, Achamian could start to suspect that Cleric was doing something more than just looking at him and hoping to see him suffer from nightmares. view post


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