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Is Kellus insane or not posted 07 February 2010 in The Judging EyeIs Kellus insane or not by Madness, Peralogue

I can't help but poke in here and throw down some thoughts. Specifically to Will's question though I think some of my points will bend towards Thorsten's explanation of Bakker's reality. If I have time one day, I think I may come back and rebuttal Thorsten.

Anyhow, what are Kellhus' goals? I think the debate here is missing some key thought evolution.

Firstly, I believe first and foremost that Kellhus remains Dunyain. I often wished that he would become more human and use his actions for good but my hope from Bakker is that the broken spiteful Wizard gets to save the day.

What can we assume from this? Well, I think Thorsten and Bakker have laid out some spectacular ground work for a war over the World Soul or the God, etc, between the Consult and divided humanity. Perhaps, however, in between humanity and reality's Omega Point there lies the realms of individual's with possessing power like Kellhus', entities who exact measures of belief from the World, i.e. the Gods. I think this might imply some things about the White-Luck Warrior, a being who perceived reality bends to, based on the belief Yatwer holds. So then, plainly spoke, I think Kellhus' seeks to understand the Tekne, his last real remaining unknown in Earwa and become a God. This would be in line with the epic prose and Dunyain mechanisms.

Consequently, this fits into some of my other theories that the Judging Eye has raised for me culminating the Prince of Nothing. Though, I fully believe that Bakker will surprise me, I just like guessing. Trying to out think an author who inspired me most.

I believe Achamian will somehow become Seswatha during the events of the First Apocalypse. Through his dreams or perhaps even Kellhus' hypnotism Achamian will make this jump. I think this is most alluded to in Achamian's Choice to be or not to be Seswatha above Sauglish (I think it's Sauglish? He keeps asking This isn't how it happens, where is Seswatha?, as well as comments on the fact that Seswatha was mysteriously absent in his perspective) and little Nau-Cayuti's question, who is Mimira? I think the events in the Judging Eye culminate in Kellhus betraying the Great Ordeal after he joins the Consult and becomes the No-God in the First Apocalypse.

And then presto, third trilogy or duology, what have you, is the FIRST APOCALYPSE! A nice bow-tied time-paradox lol. view post


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