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Is Kellus insane or not posted 25 January 2010 in The Judging EyeIs Kellus insane or not by avatar_of_existence, Peralogue

This begs the question: is it insane to 'shut the world off from the outside' if you are damned, or is it insane not to? Kellhus seems to have chosen to save mankind over his own soul, but why? Is it love? Is that what his father meant when he tells Kellhus that he's been broken by the wilderness? Isn't Kellhus literally hearing the voice of god in his head? Perhaps going beyond the logos, beyond the thousandfold thought, can only result in insanity. What I don't get is his motivation, I can't see exactly what lead him to decide to save the world (other than belief that he is the prophet). . .and then again maybe he is really trying to destroy it, you can never tell with that guy.

More importantly the Celmomian prophecy states that an Anasaurimbor will return at the end of the world. That doesn't seem to be the case with Earwa as the consult hasn't been seen in forever and there is relative peace. Again, maybe Kellhus is really leading a giant sacrifice to the Incu-Holoinas to seal the world from the outside. view post


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