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Sorcery and its parallels in our world posted 12 January 2010 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSorcery and its parallels in our world by avatar_of_existence, Peralogue

I have been having a very intense and long-lasting conversation with four friends who are fans of the PON series concerning the nature of sorcery and its parallels in our society. Having just finished reading Authority: Construction and Corrosion by Bruce Lincoln (I think) I was struck by similarities to the definition of sorcery in TTT. Authority is defined in the book as consequential speech, empowered or corroded by social position, place, and timing. A friend of mine thinks that poetry is a more direct parallel despite Achamian basically stating that they are opposites (can't remember which book but I'm pretty sure he did say they were opposite in that sorcrey destroys and poetry creates). Then the conversation turned to language itself. A philosophy teacher said that a good philosopher 'is interested in what words can and should do for us.' which, frankly, blew my mind. This all turns to sorcery, the idea of utteral and inutteral perhaps referring directly to the fact that what those in power (think the president or the head of a big advertising company) say and what we intend to make real happen to often be two very different things (I admit this correlation is weak). I suppose what excites me about this is that it means that one day I can practice sorcery in a metaphorical sense, though I can see how it could quite literally cost me my soul (become the president? Hah!). Anyone have any ideas of what sorcery could be in our world? Of how else we shape the world with our words? view post


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