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I am a devout follower of Kellhus posted 09 December 2009 in The Judging EyeI am a devout follower of Kellhus by Thorsten, Candidate

Keep in mind that Kellhus has no interest in feeling at all. He cares not for feeling good about anything, he is simply trying to maximize his efficiency like you said, but by doing so he is simply trying to further attain the Absolute.

Well, it seems to me like this: Kellhus has goals. Efficiency is no end in itself, it is a concept which is only definable with respect to a goal. He doesn't seem to optimize his genetic reproduction (he isn't overly concerned about his children, and he probably could have more), he isn't optimizing his survival probability (as Aspect-Emperor, he is far too exposed for that), and he doesn't seem to engage in research in order to maximize his understanding of the universe. But it's somewhat unclear what he gets from following his goals and progressing along the path - he lacks the emotional setup to feel satisfaction. He seems like my computer - readily happy to do stupid calculations for hours because that is his nature.

Attainment of the absolute as a goal begs the question how this should be conceptually possible within the causal framework of the logos. RSB is, in his description of the Dunyain philosophy, deliberately vague on this point. The thing is - if there is a causal chain of events, you need to get out of it to be absolute - but from within causality you just can't.

Much of Kellhus is a philosophical excurse on the relation between free will and causality - the concept in things originating from within themselves without cause vs. the concept of everything being caused by what is before. In absolute causality, things would be absolutely predictable, but there would be no free will left to have any use for such predictions - in essence with absolute foreknowledge of events the future collapses and becomes the present - all that is left is to act it out. But absolute causality leads to internal contradictions. Physics is sort of absolutely causal - but not in concepts we would recognize, just in terms of wave functions and field evolutions. Physics in terms of our experience is not causal, for example radioactive decays are not caused by anything.

To cut it short - I think it is pretty easy to trash the absolutely causal paradigm of the logos or of Dunyain philosophy - and things like intuition and emotions in a sense are a meaningful fix to the shortcomings of rationality and causal reasoning. I don't see Kellhus anywhere on the path of attaining the absolute - he's probably much farther from it than the rest of us, because he is more tied to the chains of absolute causality and in all likelihood has more difficulties breaking free of it than anyone else. view post


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