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About the Dunyain... posted 06 December 2009 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAbout the Dunyain... by Jerako, Candidate

Agreed, Athjeari. We already know that Achamian is on his way to Ishual, I can't wait to see what he finds there. I would not be surprised if the Dunyain that Kellhus thought committed suicide after his departure because of "contamination," did not in fact do so. Some similar things have been nagging at me for a long time too. For example, for Mo to have sent the dreams to the Dunyain, and for the Dunyain to have acted on them accordingly, they must have accepted the existence of sorcery as the origin of their dreams.

This is total speculation, but I believe that there are "sects," if you will, within the Dunyain. What I mean is that high-ranking Dunyain (perhaps not even all of them) withhold information from the trainees for various reasons, as in conditioning different Dunyain in different ways). I would not be surprised if they intentionally taught Kellhus (Mo?) that sorcery didn't exist, knowing that it in fact did. (At least their own version of it, since they evidently destroyed the previous sorcerous texts upon arrival to Ishual. Kellhus practices creative sorcery, why couldn't the rest of them?) Only a Dunyain can decieve a Dunyain effectively. As I stated in a previous thread, I believe the Dunyain are breeding for the trait that grants sorcerous ability, because only the Few can survive the training (whether they do so for actual sorcerous practice or no).

Why they would do this, however, I lack the information to guess. Like I said, just speculation. We can only wait until Scott finishes the rest of the series to know for sure. I think he's going to miss his deadline of finishing the Second Apocalypse before the real apocalypse <!-- s:( --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad" /><!-- s:( -->. view post


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