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Complaint to author posted 06 December 2009 in General DiscusssionComplaint to author by Jerako, Candidate

Quote: "Athjeari":16lypvpf

If one were to keep a meditated trance for 7 days, I would almost guarantee that the person would experience something. (Not to mention that you would be 7 days without food).
My problem with it is that I don't believe a person would be able to stay up for 7 straight days in a meditated trance. The most I've ever stayed up in one sitting has been about 41 hours straight and I was sooo freaking exhausted. Although I wasn't able to fall asleep as easily as I thought when I tried to go to bed (oddly enough I couldn't stop my thought processes, they were on overdrive).[/quote:16lypvpf]

I agree. This is why I'm convinced there was some sort of narcotic/stimulant in whatever that was that Kellhus drank before beginning. I was only half-kidding about that. It was vital to imbibe something in to be able to accomplish such a feat. I also believe that the training he recieved before attempting this taught him the rudiments of control that allowed him to forcefully keep himself awake this long. This trance was a partly a test to see if he had mastered that much. If he hadn't been able to use what he had learned so far, for even that much control, which I assume to be much more rigourous, the rest of the training would have been useless.

I certainly didn't need to, but during my teenage years (just a little older than Kellhus was at the time, if I remember his age right)I attempted to stay awake as long as possible. I hit 4 solid days before I attempted to sleep again. Exhaustion isn't even an adequate word for it, in my opinion. That's a level of physical weariness I have never experienced before or since. My mind, however, was another story. I'm amazed that Kellhus was able to maintain mental control for the entire time, for I was quite delusional by the end, in a mind-racing, out-of-control sort of way. I wasn't hallucinating or anything, but I definitely was not thinking normally. I couldn't imagine the effects if one was meditating for the duration.

When it was over, for whatever reason (I can't remember anymore) I couldn't sleep either. It took at least 6 hours after I tried to lay down that I eventually crashed. I don't know how to describe it other than it felt like I forgot how. Four days seemed a lot longer than four days when you don't sleep. It had to be an eternity for Kellhus. view post


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